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Get Cyber Secure!

There was a time when you could safely work without anything in place to protect you. Then, the first viruses came along, over 20 years ago now. Back then it was just about notoriety for the hackers to say how many systems they had hacked.

For the most part antivirus software was all you needed to solve this problem.

Today it's all about the money. Organised crime and even governments pay hackers to target businesses to extort money, and I mean billions of dollars every year from unprotected and unsuspecting organisations and their staff.

To make things worse you can now buy hacking kits that split the benefits between the two parties, making it possible for anybody to launch sophisticated hacks.

While antivirus software helps it has limited capabilities. More recently antivirus software with AI is way more capable to defeat these attacks. But there is more to be done.

Cybersecurity attacks primarily come from emails and compromised websites.

Adding sophisticated AI assisted spam filtering can dramatically reduce you and your staff are exposed to. By removing those misleading and sometimes tempting emails a lot of harm can be removed before it becomes a problem.

Website filtering tools exist to prevent you from going to a risky site reducing your exposure. Modern browser use this technology to reduce your exposure.

Finally, when everything fails and the hack happens and you no longer have access to any of your data, cloud based backups complete the picture.

Cloud based backups typically happen every 4 hours. Effectively guaranteeing you never lose more than 4 hours of your work, ever.

Implementing multiple layers of security is one of our specialties. If this article leaves you wondering if you are vulnerable, then call 1300 788 268 and we will provide you with the peace of mind to be able to recover from any Cybersecurity disaster.

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