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AI is listening, are you?

I am very interested in what is happening right now in the field of Artificial Intelligence. If you still think that AI isn't really that intelligent or producing practical results you might be surprised at how prevelant it is. AI is making major gains in the legal, medical, and scientific fields.

For instance your virus software used to rely on humans to detect and update a list of virus signatures so it could be detected and stopped in its tracks. Unfortunately humans are a little slow to react to today's threats. Today, algorithms are running on PCs, yes and even Macs, and large scale cloud computing systems to detect suspicious behaviours and stop them and even unwind the changes made by an attack so that your devices are much less likely to die a miserable death and take your valuable details with them.

AI makes things possible that you may not even think is possible. AI's strength is speed and focus and its ability to learn and evolve.

We all know about face recognition as one way to identify you. Your Windows 10 system can unlock automatically just by looking at you. Facial detection can even be augmented by other features you and I cannot decern. For instance your webcam may take an infrared picture of your face and record the pattern of blood vessels to improve recognition. Another example would be the ATO with its voice recongnition.

An article I read today described using the sounds of your foot steps to id people at 85% accuracy by just listening to one foot step. It rises to well over 95% with a couple of steps.

It can even be programmed to detect a recording of the foot steps and ignore them as a humans meagre attempt to fool it.

As AI becomes more prevelent we will find ourselves relying more and more on making the world a safer place, but at a cost.

There is no turning back. Let's find and use the most positive AI functionality, because one way or another it's here to stay.

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