• George Dullege

Volunteer? Me?

Over the years I have held various volunteer roles. Most, if not all were related to Church activities. I was a boys leader and camped out with the troop on several occasions even though I thought tents and campfires were something that no sane person would trade a warm and comfy bed for rain, cold, lack of sleep and burnt toast etc.

Last year I became part of a team called the Medical Sailing Ministries. This was truly an amazing experience. While some would have expected me to be part of the sailing team, I really couldn't take the time to help in this area.

Where I could help was in the technology component. When I first became involved I did not recognise the amount of effort it would take. It turned into quite a complex task.

What was great about expending time for no financial return was working with a team of like minded people, many whom had a great depth of experience in their fields. These people selflessly used their talents and time to make the outcome awesome.

For those interested in reading a newsletter about this project please click on the link below.


At the end of the project I had created deeper relationships with a number of people. I had seen firsthand what the generosity of like minded people could achieve.

Maybe you could volunteer too?


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