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Are You Secure?

The nature of security has changed over time. A long time ago a substantial wall could protect entire cities. Weapons evolved, and the wall changed to help keep out the innovative challengers. Eventually the wall itself became redundant.

Today threats can come from anywhere. Break-ins and thefts are still rising. Locks help to keep honest people honest, but a determined thief can't easily be stopped.

The same is true of our computing environment, but the changes are happening many times faster.

At first there was no need to fear anything. Some Mac owners still believe this still to be true. Then came the first viruses usually carried on diskettes or CDs or USB sticks. With the advent of the internet, websites and emails became the source of threats. Initially anti-virus products fended off many attacks.

As the threats increased standard anti-virus solutions could not keep up. Today hundreds of thousands of new threats are found each day.

While hackers can use their skills to break into computers it is far easier to deceive staff members into providing logon details to allow them entry. A whole new field called social engineering is devoted to this method. It could start with a carefully crafted email that deceives you into entering your email address and password. Armed with this, an email gets sent to one of your customers with new banking information and an invoice. Boom, your customer relying on your personal relationship updated your banking information and paid your invoice.

Threats like Ransomware have the potential to destroy a business within a few hours, making all of that vital information totally inaccessible. How long could your business survive with all of its information lost? Ransomware is very profitable, often earning millions of dollars per day. The risks are relatively low, no guns, no obvious weapons of any kind. In and out a few hundred times and the hacker can retire.

Today, only a layered approach to security has any potential to keep the threats at bay. Here is a look a the layers that play a vital role in your security.

Walls still exist. Most businesses use a device called a router to connect its many computers to the internet. One of the first lines of defense is the router. Properly configured it helps to keep the bad guys and gals out. Configuration requires an expert who understands the importance of rules that decide whether an intruder can get access to your network.

Anti-virus software still plays a vital part in keeping you secure. Anti-virus software used to look for known files. Today these files appear so fast in so many variants it is humanly impossible to defend against them. Only a sophisticated product can defend your systems.

Your operating systems like Windows and Apple IOS need to be patched regularly to fix new weaknesses found in the wild. Without them they are weaknesses waiting to be exploited.

Domain Name Servers are the phone books of the internet. Want to go to your favorite banking site. You type the name, the DNS server finds the address. If a hacker can control your DNS Server, he or she decides which site you enter your logon id and password into easily stealing your credentials. Every time your laptop connects to a network someone else controls your DSN. DNS protection is important.

Maybe you just bought a new monitoring camera to improve your office security? Or maybe someone bought a wireless boom box to provide background music to your staff. Well thanks to the new world of iOT, the internet of things you may have just opened the door to being hacked.

As a business owner you don't have time to be aware of every potential weakness and keep your systems continuously up to date. At Jeneri IT, it's our job. At Jeneri IT our systems continuously monitor and protect your systems. And in the event that something does go wrong, Jeneri IT provides the backup and knowledge to recover your business in as little time as possible so you can continue to grow and prosper in a time of unrivaled possibility.

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