• George Dullege

AI & Machine Learning Creates New Business Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning sounds like technological pie in the sky to most business owners today, especially small business owners.

But like it or not, we are already the subject of both of these technologies every day.

Whether you are doing a Google search to find some critical info you need, or using Google maps and appreciating the traffic reports, you are already reaping the benefits of AI.

In all likelihood you don't even realise that you are providing the data to create the traffic reports and the results to the searches. Going a step further, while looking at a product on a website, maybe you actually think you are having a chat with a real person when in reality your request has not exceeded the capabilities of a machine to meet your needs.

All this is all happening behind the scenes making sense of the billions of bits of information being created every minute of the day.

So, rather than being a recipient or maybe a victim of this technology perhaps there are ways in which you can use it to either improve the efficiency of your business, or even revolutionise the way you do your business.

So how do you find out more?

Here are two possibilities:

Listen to a recent seminar from Google. 20 Minutes Online

Watch On-Demand

Attend an IBM session in Melbourne on the 27th of July.

Watson Summit 2017

Come see one of Jeneri IT's clients, a former plumber talking about his language translating app and its connection with IBM Watson creating revolutionary new possibilities.

Better still contact us at 1300 788 268 and have a chat with a real person who can help.


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