• George Dullege

Wikileaks and Your Business

Coffee and Wikileaks, it doesn't get any better.

Today Wikileaks, of Julian Assange fame, released thousands of documents to the world describing the multitude of sins of the CIA in detail.

On one side, we have a massive government agency spending infinite amounts of borrowed money to create software weapons to serve and protect a nation, on the other side we have an agency that is blatantly unable to protect itself from exploitation.

So why should you care?

While we could just sit back and laugh at another example of American incompetence, it is in fact a tragedy waiting to unfold in the hip pockets of many individuals and businesses all over the world.

These software tools were developed initially with the intent of providing intelligence in a modern day world of technological wonders. Whether it is your smart phone, your TV, your cool car, or your toaster, the impact of Internet of Things is playing out all around you.

In the old days, say in the last decade, it was impossible to think of anyone being able to listen to billions of devices all at the same time and find patterns or pieces of information of value. Not so any more. Thanks to amazing advances in technology big data has made this possible. The problem is gaining access to your data. Thanks to the tools designed by government agencies and released for all to use, this too is possible.

Today, a would be hacker could easily obtain tools that would subvert your privacy with little chance of getting caught. The dark web makes it possible for your unhappy teenager or would be crim to reach out and grab some tools to enable him or her to make their mark and potentially make some money.

Already there are organised crime outlets offering mechanisms to collect money from individuals and businesses with little chance of getting caught. It is estimated that Ransomware, the most rampant form of extortion extracts a million dollars a day from the unfortunates that are merely trying to earn an honest income from their chosen path.

In this fast paced, ever changing world, every day standard virus protection just isn't enough.

So how do you protect yourself and your business from this technological onslaught brought on by this, and many other events which we don't yet know about?

  1. Create some rules for yourself and your business.

  2. Hire an IT expert that cares about your business, and understands the importance of these events.

  3. Implement tools and systems to reduce your exposure.

  4. Manage your risks to give you options in case you become a victim.

  5. Remain vigilant, the front door and windows may be locked but there are new ways to get in.

If you see the urgency in doing something in your organisation then please do not hesitate to ring Jeneri IT on 1300 788 268 for guaranteed ways to protect your future.

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