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Since the days of Guetnberg's work to create a machine to mechanise the printing process in the mid 1400's, business has been trying to find more efficient ways of communicating on paper.

Sure, big business has been the driving force. Banks in particular print enormous amounts of paper.

While technology has attempted to find ways to lessen the use of paper by making forms, contracts and other literature viewable on screens, nothing surpasses the feel of paper in your hand.

While some would argue that many trees have died in vain, at very least a lot of carbon is out of circulation for sometime to come. One could even argue that computers are adding tons of carbon to the atmosphere just so we can read online.

There is no doubt that we are printing more. The bureau of international recycling put out the following graph showing the amount of 40 foot (12 metre) trees consumed per person per year.

The ability to print has radically changed from printing presses, to laser printers, and to inkjet technology.

The way of acquiring printers has evolved as well. Initially a lot of printers were leased due to their high cost of ownership and the degree of wear and tear created by high volumes.

Eventually printers became distributed devices, located around the office rather than in some centralised printing area. With the advent of personal computers printers became a commodity item.

Today the cost of the printer is at its lowest, but the consumables are still relatively expensive.

At the low end of the scale some printers are being sold for less than the cost of the cartridges included in the box. Printer $54.89 with a set of cartridges, consumables $76.43.

For the small to medium business there are typically two choices. Purchase or lease a mid range device and pay for the consumables or find a suitable plan that includes the printer, the maintenance, and the consumables. Colour laser printers are still preferred by business, due to the high quality and relatively low cost per page. But how do you find a plan that fits your business?

Recently I met with the people at Integral Print Management to discuss what is possible for small business today.

Finally there are plans that fall into the affordable range for small business that can be leased for as little as one year. You can even, if you wish, have them supply the paper.

If you are looking for a print solution, why not ask how we can help, first to understand your needs and then to recommend a solution that meets or exceeds those needs in a plan that your business can afford?

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