• George Dullege

IoT WtF?

Internet of Things, Will that Fly?

The internet of things is the name associated with the massive increase of intelligence being added to everything. If you think of your phone in the past decade it has progressed from being a phone to a camera, a messaging device, a GPS enabled mapping system, to a TV, and much more.

More recently other devices like fitness watches, and yes even light bulbs have been connected to the internet to allow you to monitor your health and even turn on a light from anywhere on the planet.

Why is this significant?

The answer is all about data collection. The world currently generates and stores trillions of characters every day. A lot of it is video, but much of it is generated by humans and machines. In the past accessing this data would have been impossible, as would making any sense of it.

But today things are changing.

This is one of the reasons we see such a push to create products that help to collect the data so that in the future this information can be mined for use to create new products, create better products, to predict new trends, and threats to our way of life.

Here's what Intel has to say.

IBM's Watson (see a previous blog article) already can scan all tweets on twitter to see what is trending and predict product sales (there is an app for that).

The massive proliferation of drones is only beginning to have an effect. Intel has demonstrated a swarm of 100 drones used to create a light show.

Imagine thousands of drones all reporting back to a database logging air quality, videoing crime scenes, or disasters all co-ordinated by an intelligent cognitive assistant (not a human) ready to respond to any emergency.

The internet of things while already very promising is still in its infancy.

The possibilities are very enticing and yet we have just scratched the surface.

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