• George Dullege

Hololens what is it? Why does it matter?

Microsoft announced Hololens in January 2015.

So what is Hololens and why is it important?

Hololens is effectively a heads up display system. Heads Up display systems have been around for years providing military pilots with data superimposed on their windscreen. The primary benefit being that the pilot can see displays without looking away from the view outside the aircraft. This type of system was very expensive and made specifically for a particular aircraft or weapons system.

Hololens uses the power of multiple processors and display technology to allow the system to overlay the real world with information in the form of text or graphics in 3D, making the experience of the wearer as if the objects are real and interacting with the real world.

The most obvious benefit is that multiple screens can be added to a real world environment as if they are hung on the walls or suspended in front of you. This one benefit itself will sell hundreds of thousands of Hololens devices on its own, but there is so much more.

The gaming environment will be a big source of interest. Engineering could be another. Coupled with 3D printing it could revolutionise bringing a product to market.

Here is a video about the possibilities.

Want more? What about having a conference from anywhere on the planet in the same room?

The possibilities are only limited by how we see the world...

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