• George Dullege

Who is Watson? How will IT change your business?

When we hear the name Watson it would be difficult not to immediately think of Dr. Watson the bumbling yet highly efficient assistant of Sherlock Holmes.

It is highly unlikely you would think of IBM.

Yet Watson is the creation of IBM and a team of scientists and engineers that began in a project called Deepblue back in the 90's which for the first time in history beat a chess champion in 1997.

But why would we care about an IBM project called Watson?

Well there is certainly no need to explain how with each year things appear to get more and more complex. In the past two years we have created more information than in all of history before then. The data is not organised in rows and columns (the kind best analysed by computers and algorithms), but 80% of data today is unstructured made by humans for humans.

How does Watson work?

What is a cognitive assistant?

So how will this affect your business?

When? Well this was posted over two years ago. Companies are lining up to be a part of cognitive research using Watson to explore new ways of using their resources to determine and meet the needs of their clients into the future.

And finally, how will it affect our future?


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